5 slide powerpoint due today!


Your local Rotary Club has asked you to present a short program that overviews how your school district is funded. They asked that you specifically discuss the average per pupil allocation in your own district as well as the per pupil funding allocations in the school districts that are east and west of your district. You will have to explain how the per pupil allocations are the same and how they are different in these three school districts, as well as the reasoning for the similarities and differences. 

Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® section of no more than 5 slides that you will eventually add to your overall presentation on the economics of education as requested by Ms. Moneypenny.

Address the per pupil funding allocation in your school district of palm beach county Florida plus the districts to the east and west of your district, how the funding of these districts is the same, and how the funding in these districts differs.

Provide two citations in APA style.

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