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Imagine that you are currently teaching at a local preschool in your area and have been asked by the preschool’s owner to deliver a virtual presentation to your teaching colleagues about culturally responsive, anti-bias Early Childhood Education.  Summarize, analyze, and synthesize the topics that you have explored throughout this course into an engaging and visually appealing presentation. 

Using the Kaltura media tool embedded within NCUOne, narrate your presentation with the slides on the screen. Be sure to include the following sections within your presentation:

  • Introduction
  • Culturally Responsive Education (Week 1)
  • Anti-Bias Attitudes and Beliefs (Week 3)
  • Identity Development (Week 2)
  • Culturally Responsive Resources and Strategies for Early Childhood Education (Week 5)
  • Stereotyping and Discrimination (Week 4)
  • Engagement of Families, Guardians Linguistically Responsive Communications, and Caregivers (Week 6)
  • Culturally and (Week 7)
  • Summary and Conclusion

Length: 6 to 8-minute video of the narrated presentation

References: Include a minimum of 5 scholarly resources.

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