8 intelligences | Education homework help

IntroductionComplete the Multiple Intelligences Quiz above. If you have any problem accessing this link, please contact your instructor.The Assignment
Respond to the following questions for your journal entry topic. Click on the Assignment button and submit your journal

  1. What do you already know about the eight intelligences? (25 points)
  2. What were your results from the multiple intelligence quiz? Do you agree with your results? Why or Why not? (25 points)
  3. How will knowing your areas of intelligence help you as a teacher? How will you apply it in the classroom? Give one specific example.(30 points)
  4. Spelling and grammar (up to 20 points)

Resources Using Journals – Blackboard Student TutorialAcceptable Length- Each question should be answered in 5-7 sentencesGrading Criteria
Sentences should be complete. Spelling and Grammar are counted. All questions should be answered completely. Point value listed above.




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