A one page write up describing what you found, including your list


Project 4: Gender and Toys

(Chapter 4-Individual and Group Differences) (educational psychology)


To determine the availability of prosocial toys and their gender relatedness.


Go to a local toy store( target Walmart anything, or done online) and find 20 toys (Good Luck!) that will help to develop prosocial behavior. MAKE SURE you keep a list of the 20 toys found, and why you believe it’s prosocial. Prosocial behavior encompasses all acts of generosity, helping, cooperation, and self control. Are these toys based on television programs and cartoons? Do prosocial toys seem to be gender related?

Are the prosocial toys promoted in the front of the store or at the ends of the aisles? Can the prosocial toys you selected be considered androgynous?


A one page write up describing what you found, including your LIST and why you believe each toy is prosocial

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