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Human Anatomy and Physiology 

Disease Papers

About the Short Paper:

  1. Choose      a disease or condition which affects one of the systems we are covering      this semester. It can be viral,      bacterial, fungal, protozoan, congenital/genetic, biochemical , drug induced,      or the result of trauma, overuse, etc.
  2. Investigate      the history of the problem, the Disease process and treatments.
  3. The      report for this paper should follow the format below. This paper is worth 20 points maximum. The points you earn will be added to your final point total at the      end of the semester.
  4. Paper      Format
    1. Title,       course name, your name and date on first page
    2. Body       of paper begins on the first page. Two or three pages maximum.
    3. Minimum       of two references on last page


  1. Single-spaced
  2. print       only on one side of the page

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