Complete a risk management plan and analysis/evaluation for a


Complete a risk management plan and analysis/evaluation for a project. For Instance, that project can be a project of the members of the risk register/presentation group.

Length and Presentation:
You are to submit a report (up to 2000 words).

Tips for completing the Group Assignment include:

  • Prepare the document in a clear, professional and concise format
  • Treat it as if you are addressing a client audience
    • Think of what information is important to the client
    • Use the correct language/professional tone
  • Don’t make graphs too complex!
  • It is recommended that you follow the method/framework used in the lectures

Follow the basic structure of the plan/report, as outlined below:
Introduction to the project.
Introduction to Risk Management method
Application of Risk Management Process to the project
a. Establish context
b. Risk identification
c. Risk analysis
d. Risk evaluation
e. Risk treatment (Treatment Strategy, Treatment Plan and Contingency Plan)
f. Communication and consult
g. Monitoring and review


  • a) to e) – Leverage Information for the report from the Risk register.
  • In addition, describe and articulate the plan for Risk Appetite, Risk Tolerance, Risk Owners, Risk Review
  • Discuss and Review the Top 10 risks
  • Conclusion / Summary of findings
    In addition, make comments in conjunction with findings from the variance modelling spreadsheet

Following the process as taught in class will provide you with a comprehensive/robust risk register from which you can leverage the information required for the risk management plan/report. Submit a pdf version of the risk management plan/report.

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