Conduct informational interview | Reading homework help

 Conduct a VIRTUAL informational interview with an alumni, employer, classmate, or other professional who has at least 7 years of PROFESSIONAL work experience in a field that you are interested in.   

  • Write a summary of your interview or job shadow experience and include the summary in your submission.  Your summary should be AT LEAST one full page and at a minimum will include:
    • The date and time of your meeting and how you communicated with your subject.
    • Brief background on the subject’s experience, how you know them, and why you feel it is valuable to speak with them.
    • A list of the questions that you asked
    • A summary of their answers
    • A complete and specific paragraph on how you will leverage the subject’s advice in your career summary of the meeting that includes information on where and when you met, discussion content (specific topics covered). 

JOB OF THE PERSON OF THE INTERVIEW: electronic security. Company’s name RFID TECNOLOGIA S.A.S. and was a zoom meeting

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