Critical media analysis | Article writing homework help

4 Pages writing at least. 

Ø It is very important that you to understand that this is a systematic project. This means that you dedicate time each week to examine the content of the media outlets you selected. I suggest that you do this at least three times a week and that you keep a journal in which you take notes of what you observe. In short, turn this into a habit. The biggest mistake you can do is to try to accomplish all this work during the week when the project is due. It will be obvious that you did not examine the sources systematically and you will fail.

Ø You can choose from print media, online media, television, radio or a combination of them. 

Ø This is a formal paper which should be well-written, organized and proofread BUT I also expect that you will have fun with this project. In short, this should be an enjoyable learning exercise so feel free to be creative.

Ø This assignment does not call for academic research which involves acquiring books from the library or peer-reviewed articles from its databases. The goal is to hone your analytical skills. You could consult external sources but make sure that you cite every thought that is not your own.

Ø Make sure that you include a bibliography of all the news materials you cited in your paper. The bibliography page is an addition to the four pages of writing.

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