Decision making need within 24 hours

  Continuing on the theme from CLA1, some time has passed and you were successful in your position as a senior manager. After deliberation by the board, you have been elected and appointed to the position of CEO. This means that you are now responsible for the organization more from a department-level, rather than a personal-level. 

However, you understand that you must improve the efficiency of decision-making at all levels of the organization in order to be more effective as a whole. You decide to conduct a series of seminars and workshops within the organization in order to meet this challenge. Provide a detailed report that you will present to the board that outlines your strategy to improve decision-making at all levels in the organization. Your report should include the following:

● A summary of the decision-making concepts presented in CLA1

● A plan defining, and detailing the psychology of poor financial and investment decisions and how this information can be used to aid the finance department

● A process for making rational decisions and avoiding cognitive mistakes during negotiations 

● Detailed strategies that you would incorporate to improve the overall decision-making process throughout the organization 

● A system that ensures ethical approach to decision-making 

You must reference: any articles uploaded, your textbook, and at least 4 additional sources. Document your citations throughout the text of your report; a 3 to 5-page, APA-formatted  is the accepted format for all Westcliff University Professional Assignments. 

I have attached my CLA 1 so that you can get a better ideas on the concepts mentioned there since it is required for this assignment. 

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