Discussion 1: stress and anxiety in military spouses | SOCW 6412 – Working With Military Spouses, Families, and Children | Walden University


Discussion 1: Stress and Anxiety in Military Spouses

Consider the following scenarios:

Scenario 1:

I’m nervous for him to come home. I’ve been calm for the last eight months. I’ve had the house in order. When he comes home, it’s like he disrupts it. He leaves his clothes everywhere and expects me to wait on him. He’s coming home soon and I feel mixed up. I love him and want him home, but I cringe at the thought of how our life is going to change. To make matters worse, my neighbor whose wife deployed has been making passes at me. I’ve ignored him but our kids play together and are in the same class and Bible class. It’s hard to create the distance.

Scenario 2

I’ve never been a stay-at-home anything. But I got used to it. She’s been in the desert for two years now. I also manage the household—I cook, clean, and take care of our three kids. I learned how to braid my daughter’s hair, which was a feat. Taking care of three children is not easy. I can never watch football and I’m burning cookies and cakes I have to make for birthday parties. And I’m going crazy without sex. There are days I just want to lock myself in the bathroom.

For this Discussion, select one of the two scenarios. While they may seem simplistic, they are very accurate and can produce a great deal of anxiety and stress on a daily basis. Keep in mind, not everyone is able to manage the military life effectively. As a helping professional, consider how you might assist these spouses in dealing with their stress and anxiety specific to military life.

Post an identification of the scenario you selected. As a helping professional, explain how you might first approach this individual who is coming to you for support. Describe one coping strategy you might recommend to assist this individual in addressing stress and anxiety. Use a scholarly resource to support your recommendation.

Read a selection of your colleagues’ posts.

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