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Kia Whitehead Promises

Is it ever rational to break a promise? Is keeping promises important? I started my paper asking those questions because that is something that is very near and dear to my heart. Broken promises is one of my pet peeves. If people think that breaking a promise is ok, they are suffering from a character flaw. I feel like honesty is the best, and if you feel like you can not accomplish the goal at hand it is ok to say no, or I will try, not going to make any promises at this time.  Personally,  I try to never do it, especially when it comes to relationships. Be it dating, marriages, friends, co workers or church.  We have relationships in all these areas of our lives. To me also mean that we are team players in all these areas as well. What happen when some one promises to be at the game but never shows up. It may sound simple,but we are all very valuable players. There are consequences to breaking promises, that some people only think about after the fact. Even when it comes to my 3 year old, we know it is near Christmas so these commercials are a bit much. He is asking for everything, and instead of saying yes, I say we will see. This way I do not feel like I am making him any promises.

On the other hand,  the only time I feel it is necessary to break a promise is when your life or some one else’s health or life depends on it. The other party may still be upset, but aleast they will be ok.  In this case I see the promise as being conditional or built on sinking sand. I would never break it to hurt you, but I am not going to let you put my life or yours in danger. For am example that would be likesuicide attempts, or since I studying child developmental psychology if one of my clients comes to me and says that he or she is being molested or abused in any way I have to tell. I have to do whats morally  right 

Lets look at it in another way. Promises that God has made to us. God has never broken a promise. He wants us to remind Him and call His word back to him. Have we done the same? I know that I have not, I can only speak for me. I have made some promises to God and have not kept my word. It hurts me now that I think about it, because what if he treated me that way. My goal is to never hurt anyone intentionally. By the way just because you ask God for something and you do not get it right away, does not mean he is not keeping His promise, it just means not right now. His timing is not ours. Lets just be mindful of the things we say and agree to. Keep it real.

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