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Liza Collazo

Credibility is the quality of being trusted and believe in. The only way we can developed credibility is if we trust our audience. There are many ways one can establish credibility with the audience. You need to have confidence in your tone and the way you approach yourself. Know your audience so you can deliver information in a way they understand. Make sure that you also have evidence supporting your statement. Don’t speak or say something without verifying its correct because you don’t want to say something false. Even one false statement can ruin any credibility you have. The speaker should be appear reliable and honest. Always make sure to respect the intelligence of the audience. In order to expect respect of others, if we have to provide them with the same amount of respect. With an audience your credibility with audience is very important because it helps in delivering effectiveness of the message. Having full participation from their audience will increase the efficiency of whole conversation. Establish credibility is very important to build trust, form a relationship and encourage them to take the recommended action.


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