Discussion post #4 | research methods | Florida International University, Modesto A. Maidique Campus

Discussion post #4

Part one

  • How did asking the wrong questions lead to the undercounting of evictions?

Part two

  • What is conceptualization? What is operationalization? How do these pertain to “How asking the wrong questions led to the undercounting of evictions”?

Part three

  • What is a concept? What are the dimensions of a concept? What is a variable? What is an indicator?
  • What are the levels in the process of conceptualization (going from abstract/general to concrete/specific) (page 105)?
  • What is unit of analysis, and what are examples? What is the role of aggregation in moving from the individual unit of analysis to a higher unit of analysis (such as group, organization, city, county, state, nation, or world)?

Part four

  • Conceptualize the general concept of “eviction” (see Evicted; “How we undercounted…”; and MARS [pages 21-22 and the diagrams “Reasons for Moving”]).

Due by next Sunday, 11:59pm. 250 word minimum; no maximum wordcount. List the wordcount at the end of each post. Pass=60 points, no pass=0 points, non or late submission without instructor-approved excuse = -60 points.

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