Discussion | public heallth | Adler University


After completing the readings (including the videos), answer the following question(s): 

  1. In your own words, summarize the module readings in 1-2 paragraphs and the take-away message for you as a future professional (don’t be vague in your summary) 
  2. What identities do you represent and how do these intersect to shape your everyday lived experience? 
  3. Thinking back to the privilege assessment we did in module 2, discuss how your identity(ies) has shaped the opportunities you have in regards to education, employment, and health? (be sure to support this discussion with one credible source)
  4. Thinking about your final project topic, you were to read one of the “health disparities by identity” articles. Which one did you read and how does this help you better understand the challenges your target population face? 


FOR Question 1,2,3 is from PDF 1, QUESTION NO 4 pdf 2/ AND you have to write according to my final group topic


  • Original post must be supported with one (1) outside credible reference.
  • Cite all sources used in APA formatting

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