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 Discussion Topic 1 of 3: 

1. Identify an example of an indigenous community. Using at least one outside source (as always, please cite your source), briefly describe this community, including circumstances regarding its origin, key myths and ideals, visions of divinity (if any), location in the globe and current status. In a sentence, describe why this community is of interest to you.

 Discussion Topic 2 of 3: 

2. Two important concepts within the Hindu worldview are Atman and Brahman. Based upon the chapter materials and a viewing of the video entitled, “What is the Nature of the True Self?” define these twin concepts and describe the way in which they imagine the human purpose. 

Watch the video and answer to the question.

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGDIA1lFUhs&ab_channel=webmanmike

Discussion Topic 3 of 3: 

3. Based upon your brief examination of Buddhism, identify the one part of the story of the life of the Buddha that you found most inspiring or compelling. Explain to your partner why you thought this portion of the Buddhist story was so important for you.

These are three different discussion topics and keep them different discussion topics and please don’t combine them in one essay type. 

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