Eduu 510 journal week 3


Week Three Journal

1.  In Chapter 9 Ryan and Copper describe two psychological theories that have influenced schools,

   behaviorism and constructivism. What do you see as the distinction between the two and which of the

   two do you connect with the most and why?

2.  View the “Philosophies & Psychological Theories” powerpoint and complete the philosophy

    of education self-inventory in the “learning activities” folder. In which philosophy areas did you obtain

    your highest and lowest scores? Do you think your score accurately reflect your philosophical

    beliefs? Why or why not?

3.  Complete the MI inventory in the “learning activities” folder. What intelligence areas were your

    strengths? Since we tend to teach to our strengths use the “Multiple Intelligence Menu” on page 70 of

    the Ryan and Cooper text to locate and then describe  at least two strategies that you could use in

    your teaching that incorporate intelligences other than the ones you identified as your strengths.

Ryan and cooper ch 9,+K.+%26+Cooper,+J.+M+Those+who+can,+teach+(14th+ed.).+google,+books&source=bl&ots=RCN_efSAbn&sig=-3gk9Cc-FopcgRzUIhAOmNvSsZE&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj7_rXUmtzeAhURca0KHZYVDioQ6AEwC3oECAIQAQ#v=onepage&q=Ryan%2C%20K.%20%26%20Cooper%2C%20J.%20M%20Those%20who%20can%2C%20teach%20(14th%20ed.).%20google%2C%20books&f=false

MI inventory link:

Power point attached. below

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