Help with 3 sections- 3 to 4 pages- statistical methods for criminal


What I need help on the most would be the following sections: This entire section is also in the attachment called Instructions

1. data management, 

2. data analysis, 

3. discussion. 

Just those parts would be only about 3 to 4 pages double space of writing. The document titled treatment satisfaction final draft has all the work I have done so far. I have highlighted and sort of color-coordinated the sections of the paper that you will need to do. 

Here are some specifics you need to know:

I had to pick 4 variable (3 independent 1 Dependent variables) which was pulled from the same Data which is called Cathy’s data ( is attached to the homeworkmarket post )

My picks were:

· Treatment Satisfaction (TS)

· Desire for Help(DH)

· Treatment Readiness(TR)

· Treatment participation(TP)

Each indicator had there own data  sets which were:


Cest 007 Time schedule is convenient

Cest 0011 Program expects responsibility/self

Cest 020 Program organized /run well

Cest 030 Satisfied with program

Cest 080 Staff efficient with Job

Cest 115 Personal Counseling

Cest 112 Location is convenient


Cest 003

Cest 032

Cest 039

Cest 065

Cest 86

Cest 116


Cest006  TR Need to stay in treatment

Cest 013  TR Solve Problems in treatment

Cest 014 TR Treatment is not helping  ( this one had to be removed because it failed reliability test)

Cest 054 TR Treatment gives you hope

Cest 056 TR Want to be in drug treatment


Cest 019

Cest 026

Cest 031

Cest 035

Cest 037

Cest 066

Cest 067

Cest 077

Cest 083

Cest 104

Cest 127

The sample template example paper is exactly how the paper needs to read so really you would need to just copy and paste most of it and plug in my variables and maybe change some words around so that it will fit my data set.

when it comes to interpreting the data for the finding section my professor has a specific way which she wants it to be written. I will give you some homework examples that we have done to give you an idea for the univariate and bivariate analysis but for the Mutlvariates you have to go off the final paper example because i do not have HW examples for them.

Data Management:

For the Data management just simply give a detailed summary of what methods/steps i used. Use Appendix A for your reference. To make it easy for you i made a table of contents 

page 6: Ran Frequencies

Page 23: Computations

page 30: Factor Analysis

Page 44: Reliability Analysis

Page 53: Computation 

Try to word it like it is for the example paper 

Data Analysis: 

For Data Analysis use Appendix B info I highlighted or colored the different tables so you could easily find them.

Lastly, I have attached Cathy’s Data set for you in case you wanted to go in replicate my steps so you could get a better understanding of the data

Discussion section is the conclusion

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