I need a 5-6 paragraph analytic response to just business: jay z

Assignment Context and OverviewThe image of a staircase sums up our approach to this assignment. Little-by-little, step-by-step, we have climbed towards a fuller understanding of how to critically interact with texts. White marble staircase with gold banisterNow, we′re nearing the top of the staircase, our destination all along.To place this assignment in context: in Unit 1: Responding to Texts we have walked through the process of crafting a response to a text based in critical thinking and critical reading. This means that your views on the text have progressed beyond a personal response and have evolved into being both an interpretation of the text and an arguable position. In order to get to this stage, we progressed through the following stages:Reading a text at the college level (recursively)Interacting with a text through annotationsExpanding your understanding of a text by discussing it with othersAnalyzing a text through targeted questionsObjectively explaining a text

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