Information security – network security applications and

Network Security Applications and Countermeasures
In this assignment, you will be given a list of network security applications and security countermeasures in a worksheet. Click here to view the worksheet.
Identify where they belong within the seven domains of a typical IT infrastructure. In addition, determine which availability, integrity, and confidentiality (A-I-C) function they provide. Then, write a diagnostic report explaining your analysis.

Address the following in a professional report:

  • Briefly describe each of the listed network security applications and security countermeasures.
  • Identify where each security application or countermeasure is located within the seven domains of a typical IT infrastructure.
  • Apply the three categories of network security risks to your analysis.
  • Outline the A-I-C function that each security application or security countermeasure provides.

Submission Requirements:
Submit your answers in a one- to two-page Microsoft Word document using APA style. Include references as necessary. Submit the document to your instructor as an attachment through the Questa Learning Plan.

Use 12-point, Arial font, and double spacing in your Microsoft Word document.

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