Int 1010 assignment 7 | INT 1010 | Prince George’s Community College

  Please complete the steps below and upload your Excel workbook assignment under Chapter 7 Assignment Submit Here.

  1. Open a blank Excel workbook
  2. Create the following headers in row 1
    1. Class Date
    2. Topic of the week
    3. Assignment
    4. Due Date
    5. Possible Points
    6. Points Earned
    7. Grade
  3. Format Class Date column with MM/DD/YY format
  4. Format Due Date column with MM/DD/YY format
  5. Format Possible Points column as a Number with 0 Decimal Places
  6. Format Points Earned column as a Number with 0 Decimal Places
  7. Format Grade as a Percentage with two decimals
  8. The calculation for the grade column is Points Earned divided by Possible Points.  Complete for each topic. (use formulas)
  9. Enter a Row for assignment per the detailed schedule
  10. Enter all the Points Earned in the Points Earned Column (use formulas)
  11. Calculate the Grade for each Points Earned in the Grade Column (use formulas)
  12.  Add the sum of the column labeld Possible Points (use formulas)
  13. Add the sum of the column labeld Points Earned (use formulas)
  14. The Grade Column is the calculation for the sum of all Points Earned divided by the sum Possible Points (use formulas)
  15. Save the file as Excel_Database_StudentFirstandLastName and submit.

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