Key values in a professional football club


  • To learn how the environment and cultural values may influence a professional football club.
  • To identify the influence of these values in the Profit and Loss (P&L) account.


  • Read PDF case and answer the 5 questions stated at the end of the document.

Question 1. What are the main threats to the club’s business model in the short term? Identify the main threats and justify the answer

Question 2. What could the club do to prevent the eventuality of a local talent drain? Suggest hypothetical solutions in case local talent would not be enough to sustain the club at top level. 

Question 3. In an environment of high connection with club members, what could be done to increase the attendance of nonmember fans? Propose 3 specific initiatives and actions.

Question 4. What would be the best strategies for the club to allocate the profits? Justify your answer with specific examples. 

Question 5. If you were the club’s decision-maker, would you try to change the club’s transfer philosophy? You should develop the answer explaining pros and cons of the decision taken

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