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Assignment Directions

Article Comparison: 100 points. Write a summary of 4-6 peer-reviewed articles related to physical activity and aging. Your articles must be pre-approved by the professor to ensure they are relevant to the topic of choice. The paper must be 4-6 pages, double-spaced following APA format (abstract not required). The critique will include a summary of the article, followed by an interpretation and application of results including specifically an analysis of the topic chosen, the methods used in the article, the results of the article and an application of the results to a real-world situation. Assignment Due 4/28

Article Critique: 100 points

  • Appropriate      peer reviewed articles were analyzed   /10
  • APA      format was used   /10
  • Article      was correctly cited                                                            /10
  • 4-6      pages in length   /10
  • Quality      of topic summary    /10
  • Quality      of methods section summary                                               /10                
  • Quality      of results/conclusion section summary                              /20
  • Interpretation/      real world application of the findings                   /20

Research Topic Ideas Involving Older Adults and Physical Activity

Specific Training Types-

1.  Yoga

2.  Tai Chi

3.  Strength training (any specific type or in general)

4.  Water aerobics

5.  Swimming

6.  Jogging

7.  Stretching/ ROM

8.  Balance exercise (dynamic, static, various specific balance exercises)

9.  Dance

10. Pilates

Fitness Testing Types – 

11. Strength tests

12.  Balance testing

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