Kpi dashboard in excel | Operations Management homework help

A running dashboard that will be updated monthly with new data. 

KPI for medical billing

  Net Collection Rate (Internal Benchmark >97%-Industry      

                    Benchmark >95%)(Payments- Credits)/(Charges-contractual adjustments)X100

  • Days in AR (Internal Benchmark < 40 days-Industry      Benchmark < 45 Days)
    • Divide Total AR by Average Daily Charges
  • AR % over 120 days (Internal Benchmark <20% of Total      AR-Industry Benchmark <25% of Total AR)
    • Divide Total AR by AR over 120 days
  • Net AR ( Internal Benchmark <10% of annual      charges-Industry Benchmark <10% of annual charges)
    • 6 Month Avg Charges-Payments-Adjustments=Net AR
  • Clean Claim Rate (Internal Benchmark Under 2%-Industry      Benchmark 5%)  

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