Lib 315 week 1 quiz – a graded – best tutorial – all questions

Question 1.Cronon claims that people 250 years ago experienced the wilderness as beautiful and comforting. 


Question 2.Kowalski claims that when we refer to sentient beings as “things,” our experience of them is


Question 3.Cronon’s thesis is that the wilderness is an antidote against the problem of the relationship between culture and the non-human world. 


Question 4.Emerson claims that humans must learn to be alone in society in order to understand solitude.


Question 5.For Cronon, those ethical principles that foster the best behavior are the ones that remind humans that other creatures might not have similar interests to humans. 


Question 6.One core myth of the American frontier was that it was the last place to create true community (Cronon article). 


Question 7.Leopold claims that a land ethic does the following: 


Question 8.An experience with this type of animal was formative in the personal experience of the young philosopher Martin Buber. 


Question 9.Leopold uses this ancient figure to claim that laws against spoiling the land have ancient origins: 


Question 10.According to Leopold, scientists know exactly what makes the world function.



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