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I need the Mastery probelm completed, chapter 4 heintz/parry accounting 21st edition.Mastery Problem pages 128-129 see the attachment

      General Journal           Page 1 Date Description Post
Ref. Debit Credit June 1 Cash J1                  10,000.00       Capital J1                    10,000.00     invesment in business                   June 1 Basketball Equipment J2                   3,000.00       cash J2                      3,000.00     purchase of basketballs and equipment                   June 2 Advertising J3                   5,000.00       Cash J3                      5,000.00     Advertising expense                   June 2 Cash J4                  15,000.00       Registration fees J4                    15,000.00     Registration fees Income                   June 2 basketball court                    12,000.00       Accounts Payable                      12,000.00     Purchased basketball on account                   June 5 Office supplies                         300.00       accounts Payable                           300.00     purchased supplies on account                   June  6 Meals expense                     5,800.00       aaccounts payable                        5,800.00     Purchased meals on account                   June 7 Cash                    16,200.00       registration fees                      16,200.00     registration fees income                   General Journal           Page 2 Date Description Post
Ref. Debit Credit June 10 Wage expense                        500.00       Cash                           500.00     Wages paid                   June 14 Cash                    13,500.00       registration fees                      13,500.00     registration fees income                                                                                      

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