Media sanitation | Computer Science homework help


Foreword: NIST recommends that drivers are wiped several times to ensure that deleted data cannot be recovered hence the term “sanitize”

1. Research a drive sanitization software program that is compliant with NIST 800-88 regarding media sanitation 


Do not use this one find another one –>For starters Sledge Hammer 



1. Find a program that sanitizes media 

2. Write a brief description of the features, (advantages and disadvantages)

3. The answer: Is it the program compliant with NIST 800-88?

4. (Optional) If there is a free trial or open source use it and provide screenshots in your review. 

5. Must be in APA

6. Minimum 2 pages (Body)

Paper length: Title page


Body (2 pages),



Note: Surround the 2-page body with the title page, abstract, and references 

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