R program – using visualization to misrepresent data.


Misrepresenting Data

There are many ways to misrepresent data through visualizations of data. There are a variety of websites that exist solely to put these types of graphics on display, to discredit otherwise somewhat credible sources. Leo (2019), an employee of The Economist, wrote an article about the mistakes found within the magazine she works for. Sosulski (2016) wrote an entry in her blog that highlights misrepresentations, as well.

  • After reading these two articles, create two visualizations in R that show identical data.
  • In one, create a subtle misrepresentation of the data.
  • In the other remove the misrepresentation.
  • Add static images of the two visualizations to your post.
  • Provide a description of what is misrepresented and how the visualizations were created in R by you. Include the programming code you used to generate the visuals and the reference for the data that you use for these plots.
  • Do not plagiarize by copying the graphs, programming code, or your peers.
  • When adding images to the discussion board, use the insert image icon.

Adding Images to the discussion board


Leo, S. (2019, May 27). Mistakes, we’ve drawn a few: Learning from our errors in data visualization. The Economist. https://medium.economist.com/mistakes-weve-drawn-a-few-8cdd8a42d368

Sosulski, K. (2016, January). Top 5 visualization errors [Blog]. http://www.kristensosulski.com/2016/01/top-5-data-visualization-errors/

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