Social work policy class | social work policy | Norfolk State University

 This assignment provides the student with an opportunity to present two opposing viewpoints of a social  problem or social policy. The student may utilize the database – Opposing Viewpoints, to analyze the  pros and cons of a social policy, social problem issue, which has been articulated in the Grand  Challenges Initiative. Once the student has chosen a social policy and social problem, they must  research two social work and/or social science scholarly sources that supports a ‘pro’ position, and two  social work and/or social science scholarly sources that supports a ‘con’ position. Based upon the  presented discussion, the student must show why they have chosen a position and at least documented  reasons for best practices. This paper should be at least 5 pages. Please proofread more than once. The  analysis must be double space and typed; include a cover page. Use block-quotes when necessary. You must use 7 APA both within-text citations and reference cited page. The reader should be able to discern  your editorial comments and researched info.  Also needs a title page, abstract and headings.

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