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    Having conducted a job analysis for commercial pilots and examined their training and development needs, you now need to examine other factors that may affect their ability to perform optimally. This week, you look at employee performance as it relate to the CRM case study. You will examine factors such as counterproductive behavior and other job stressors that may affect employee performance.

    Imagine you are an I/O psychologist consultant.

    Create a 10- to 15-slide presentation with speaker notes on your recommendations for enhancing employee performance for the pilots. Include the following:

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I’ve created a draft Template for the PowerPoint, and have listed out the workload distribution. Please comment/reply on this post the slide numbers you’d like to take on.

***There are some slides that are in a two-part grouping.

Here is the link to the draft:

DRAFT – Employee Performance – PSY435 – Group 1

Workload Distribution:

1) Title Page: (Completed)

2) Introduction 

3) Motivational Theory – 1

4) Optimizing Pilot’s Performance (Using Theory 1)

5) Motivational Theory – 2

6) Optimizing Pilot’s Performance (Using Theory 2)

7) Occupational Stress – Relation to Job Performance

8) Job Satisfaction – Relation to Job Performance

9) Counterproductive Example 1 (Behavior & Effects)

10) Counterproductive Example 2 (Behavior & Effects)

11) Employee Well-Being

12) Conclusion

13) References

DRAFT – Employee Performance – PSY435 – Group 1

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