The assignment is for a historical essay based on a 1 page reading


The assignment is for a historical essay based on a 1 page reading and a 9 page reading. The instructions are pretty clear and it should not be too difficult.

Weekly short papers Each student will be responsible for a weekly 2-3 page paper (c. 1000-1500 words), double spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman. The paper will be submitted through D2Ldroboxas a word document. The papers must contain the following elements: 10% full bibliographical or footnote citation to each work read that week in Chicago Style. 10% Introductory paragraph explaining the relevance of the work and primary source we have read to the problems explored in this course, and to history generally. This should pull the readings together to compare and contrast common themes as well as tensions. 20% identify the author’s thesis, (citing page numbers), what questions are raised, why are they important questions, and how are they answered? 10% describe the sources each other used (newspapers, diaries, etc) and what types of evidence and argumentation each made possible. 30% systematic discussion of the evidence each author presented to support her or his argument, and whether this evidence indeed supported the argument, citing specific examples. This most important section should demonstrate your mastery of the work that you both read and understood the material. 10% what new innovations or approaches did this work contribute to the study of the past? 10% implications of the texts’ limitations for setting a research agenda that moves beyond them: what is left to do, and where would you start in terms of sources and methods if you wanted to expand the study of this specific disease? Total of 100%

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