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 Topic  “ teachers-student relationship at an elementary level and it’s affect on students academic success”  


This is my thesis “ how does teacher-student relationship at an elementary level affect the students overall academic success?” 

 For analytical essay assignment, you are to create an essay, 1200 words in length, explaining, describing, analyzing and/or evaluating your “Write for a Cause” topic. Include a “Works Cited” section that includes each of the scholarly peer-reviewed sources referenced in the essay. 

Minimum Requirements: 

Word Count  The research proposal paper should have 1200 words. 

The Works Cited section is not included in your overall word count. 

The introduction paragraph should include: 

An engaging introductory statement

 Bridge Thesis statement 

The body of the essay should include: 

Topic sentences (to serve as main ideas for each body paragraphs)

 Evidence (represented by the scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles)

 Directly quoted evidence with MLA formatted  parenthetical citations

 Explanations (to connect the evidence to the topic sentence) 

Significance (to connect the paragraph to the thesis statement) 

The conclusion should include:

 restatement of the thesis statement using reflect and project.

 restatements of the topic sentences using reflect and project. 

a conclusion statement to close the essay and offer a lasting impression.

  The Works Cited should include: 

all sources referenced in the essay bibliographic entries alphabetize 

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