This week’s assignment is to draw the battle of granicus


This week’s assignment is to draw the Battle of Granicus as described by Arrian on pages 32-39 (Arrian 1.12-1.16). Feel free to use whatever medium you want that can be uploaded as an image: for example, a hand-drawing, a computer graphic, a model with toy soldiers…whatever you wish. Whatever can be presented as an image or a series of images on the discussion board is acceptable. Have fun with it!

You can use the map on p. 36 as a general guide, but you should go for as much detail as possible, for example, using the names of various of Alexander’s generals, the different types of forces, with plenty of time and movement markers (e.g. arrows, but you may find more creative options). THE OBJECT OF THE EXERCISE IS TO MAKE VISUAL SENSE OF A WRITTEN DESCRIPTION OF A BATTLE–which is great practice for reading other ancient battle accounts.   

As usual, you should comment on TWO of your classmates’ submissions, either in appreciation (with specific reference to their details), or with constructive critique (as always, be nice).

I have attached the pics of pages 

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