To what extent, and in what ways has the response of the coronavirus


Find at least 4 primary source documents related to the prompt, must be from a credible source.



Fill out the template attached

Summary: I will give you the DBQ question. The assignment requires you to research and include primary sources that are related directly to the DBQ question.

Prompt: To what extent, and in what ways has the response of the Coronavirus impacted the initial spread in The United States.

The specifics, step by step:

Step 1: Then write a thesis in response to the prompt.

Step 2: Find at least 4 primary source documents related to the prompt, must be from a credible source. 1 source will be your journal entry. (If your journal entry does not respond to the prompt, make sure to rewrite it so it does. If you did not do that assignment, make sure to do it.)

➔ 1 Visual Image

➔ 1 Graph/Chart

➔ 2 Written Primary Source

Step 3: FOR EACH SOURCE, provide:

– An MLA citation (author, name of webpage, name of site, accessed date, web address)

– A written explanation of how this document could be used to support your thesis.

– Address and explain one part for each document: context, audience, purpose, or point of view

Keep in mind:

– Any excerpts should be short and concise! A document should be no more than 2-3 paragraphs of text. Use ellipses (…) to indicate when you have taken an excerpt from a longer passage.


5 Primary Sources- from the time   period

Unacceptable sources


Visual Images Acceptable (pick 1):

● Photos and other images

● Political cartoons

● Works of art

Written Sources Acceptable (pick 2):

● Letters

● Speeches

● Text of legislation

● Interviews

● Newspaper articles/editorials (from   the time period)

● Pamphlets/Brochures

Also Include:

● Graph/chart from the time period   (1)

● Your journal entry (1)

Webpages where the author is not stated, there may be validity questions   about the source. Ask me if you have doubts about whether or not a source is   acceptable.

Guided Document Analysis Questions

Section I: The Question

1. What is the essay prompt asking you to do?

a. Rewrite the prompt in your own words.

b. Ask yourself, what is the essay going to be about?

Section II: Finding and Examining the Documents

2. Since this historical event is still ongoing, brainstorm all the events that have led us to be in our current situation. This will be considered your historical background.

  1. Based on       your historical background, what are you now going to be looking for when       researching documents?

b. Do the documents support your argument?

i. Are they a reliable source?

Section III: Sourcing

3. Part of your project will be to source the document. The following questions can guide you to source the document.

i. What is this source about?

ii. What can I learn about the person or group that produced the document?

iii. Who is the intended audience? What’s the culture like?

iv. How might the context affect the content of the source?

v. Who wrote the document? What is the author’s qualifications, background, expertise? What is the social position of the author? What religion, gender, and class is the author?

vi. Why was the document written? What is the intent of the author? What perspective or point of view is presented? Why does the author hold that point of view? What are the “loaded” words (clues to bias)?

Can you believe this document? Does the point of view impact the message?

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