Topics mechanical engineering – ic packaging ( 3d packaging) project

Here are details, I also included the 1 reference lecture slide and project sample (but project sample is for different topic). I need 4 pages on this not including the reference page. 

Project#3 3D  Packaging  

Chip on Chip, Wafer on Wafer, Package on Package stacking, interconnects like  Though Silicon Vias, Through Package Vias,  Assembly/processes, advantages/disadvantages  etc  

•Literature review  summary (with at least 8 references)

•Challenges foreseen connecting to technology demands and/or  Applications , at least one

 new/emerging concept needs to be discussed at length.

•Minimum Four pages ( max 6 pages)  write-up – references need to be on the additional page

•Format:  Introduction, Description of the technology, Uniqueness, Advantages/Disadvantages, Discussion/Inference, Conclusions & recommendations for future work, References. 

Font size  Times New Roman 12,  Heading and subheadings in bold.  

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