Unit 2 assessment criminal law

           Question 1         What do some jurisdictions require victims to do before defending themselves with force?             

Call 911 

Scream for help 


Talk to the attacker
           Question 2         Which time frame does competency to stand trial focus on?             

The time of the crime 

The defendant’s adult life 

The time before the crime 

The time of the trial

           Question 3         Which of the following kinds of defenses center on an incapacity to appreciate criminality of conduct?              

Voluntary intoxication 

Involuntary intoxication 

Defenses of others 

Defense of self
           Question 4         Which test for insanity was an attempt to standardize the defense?             


Irresistible impulse 


Substantial capacity test
           Question 5         What are the defenses raised by someone accused of committing a crime called?          





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