Unit iii case study – collective bargaining

Read Case Study 4-1, “Salting,” on pages 155-156 of your  textbook. Then,   address the following:      

  1. Explain how   the company’s treatment of both the “covert” and “overt”       salts applications   for jobs compares to the recommended counter-salting      steps for   employers. 
  2.  Would either   the “covert” or the “overt” salts in this case satisfy      the NLRB ruling that   applicants for employment must be genuinely interested      in seeking employment   before claiming protection under the NLRA? 
  3.  Does the   company’s opposition to becoming a union shop indicate that      there was   anti-union animus in refusing to consider the “overt” salts for        employment? 

Your response should be a minimum of  200 words per question. 

sources   used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted   material must have accompanying citations in APA  format. 

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