Unit one culminating task | Applied Sciences homework help


Create a personal scorecard, incorporating each of the categories from each of the tests/material above.

** For ideas think of any player stats from a sports game such as FIFA.  


a. List skills and attributes under headings

b. Assign yourself values for each of the skills and attributes you list (reflecting both your

strengths and weaknesses)

c. Insert a photo of yourself

d. Give yourself an appropriate title, which reflects your greatest strengths. Your personality type from the MBTI might be helpful in figuring out a name for yourself

3. Write a 1-page autobiography (reflection), creating a text version that reflects the ratings you gave yourself in

part 2.

a. Highlight your strengths

b. Make note of your weaknesses

c. Identify the greatest opportunities for improvement. -These are not your greatest weaknesses; these are actually the things that could be great strengths.

d. Write about the experiences and influences that helped you to build your strengths.



I   am successful when…


● I have reviewed all my tests and unit   materials

● I have chosen my preferred medium for   designing my personal profile 

● I have identified the necessary   information needed to create my personal profile

● I have written a one page reflection   summarizing all the information and material found in my personal profile

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