Was that harassment report | Operations Management homework help

Read this case (Was that harassment) and refer to this supplementary material (Sexual Harassment) and (Coltra’s Zero Tolerance Policy)

Write a brief Report of this incident.

This Report will contain 

(1) a brief Introduction, telling the reader, in a sentence of two, your judgement of whether Jackson’s actions constituted harassment and your recommendation for punishment, if any.

(2) a short Description of the Incident, covering, in as neutral language as possible, what transpired between Jackson, Teaira, and Rainer. “Neutral” means that neither Jackson, nor Teaira, nor Rainer could reasonably dispute your characterization of this event.

(3) a short Discussion of the Issue, i.e. what constitutes harassment and Coltra’s official policy. Refer to the attached document, Coltra’s Zero Tolerance policy for reference.

(4) a short Analysis of the Incident and whether it constituted harassment, and what criteria guided your recommendation.

(5) a short Recommendation where you specify the punishment to be meted out, if any. You may also recommend Coltra alter its policy on harassment, or insist it keep its current policy.

(1) – (5) will be approximately 500 words, and no fewer than 300. 

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