What is cell entropy change of the following cell?


What is cell entropy change of the following cell?

Following cell has EMF 0.7995 V.

Zn Amalgam is prepared by electrolysis is aqueous ZnCl2 using Hg cathode (9gm). How much current is to be passed through ZnCl2 solution for 1000 seconds to prepare a Zn Amalgam with 25% Zn by wt. (Zn = 65.4)

The solubility of [Co(NH3)4Cl2] CIO4_________ if the Co(NH ) Cl 3 4 2 λ + = 50, CIO4 λ – = 70, and the measured resistance was 33.5W in a cell with cell constant of 0.20 is ____.

We have taken a saturated solution of AgBr.Ksp of AgBr is 12 ´ 10 – 14 . If 10 – 7 mole of AgNO3 are added to 1 litre of this solution then the conductivity of this solution in terms of 10 – 7 Sm – 1 units will be

At 298K the standard free energy of formation of H2O( l ) is – 237.20kJ/mole while that of its ionisation into H+ iion and hydroxyl ions is 80 kJ/mole, then the emf of the following cell at 298 K will be

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