What would the net pay be for sean matthews?

Sean Matthews is a waiter ath the Dulexe lounge. In his first weekly pay in March, he earned $300.00 for the 40 hours he worked. In addition, he reports his tips for February to his employer ($500.00), and the employer withholds the approporiate taxes theappropriate taxes for the tips from this first pay in march.

Calculate his net take-home pay assuming the employer withheld federal income tax (wage-bracket, married, 2 allowances), social security taxes, and state income tax (2%)………………..$_______.


I am using 2015 tax information and know the answer is supposed to be $167.80. The gross pay is $300 and tips are considered supplementat income shown sepertaly on the paycheck stub. I just cannot get my figures right to show how I come up with this answer. Everytime I do it I come up about $5.00 short or over. I have to show my work on how I figured this out.

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