Wk 2 discussion – learning more about windows


The best IT support technicians are the ones who continually teach themselves new skills. You can teach yourself to use and support Windows by using the web, a couple of apps in Windows 10 called Get Help and Tips, or the Windows Help and Support utility in Windows 8/7. To start the apps in Windows 10, type get help in the search box or type tips in the search box. In Windows 8, type Help and Support on the Start screen. In Windows 7, click Start and then click Help and Support. If you are connected to the Internet, clicking links can take you to the Microsoft website, where you can find information and watch videos about Windows.

Complete the following steps to research a topic so you can become an independent learner about Windows:

  1. The Windows 10/8/7 Snipping Tool can help you take screenshots of the Windows desktop. These screenshots are useful when documenting computer problems and solutions. Use Get Help or Windows Help and Support to find out how to use the Snipping Tool. Use it to take a screenshot of your Windows desktop. Save the screenshot into a file on a USB flash drive or on the hard drive. Print the file contents.
  2. Visit Microsoft Support for Windows support. Save or print one article from the Knowledge Base that addresses a problem when installing Windows 10/8/7.
  3. Search the web to learn the purpose of the pagefile.sys file. What website did you use to find your answer? Why do people consider the Microsoft website the best source for information about the pagefile.sys file?

In a minimum of 175 words, summarize your experience and share other sources you found with the class. Why do you think these other sources are useful as compared to the Microsoft website?

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