Work breakdown structure – project overview and rbs attached

Create the Work Breakdown Structure for your selected project

Use the information provided in the Ambriz and Wysocki books, the handout posted in the Additional Resources section of this unit, and your RBS from the previous unit to create the WBS for your project.

At a minimum, you need to identify the summary tasks, detail tasks, and milestones that will identify the product and project work the team will perform to deliver the project.

You want to provide the appropriate level of detail while maintaining a reasonable number of tasks since you will be expanding on the same project schedule through the semester. While there is no minimum or maximum number of tasks, the expectation is that most students will have somewhere between 50 – 100 tasks in their WBS which will then be entered into Microsoft Project next week.

Prepare your Work Breakdown Structure and upload it using the link below. While you may use any format you would like (Word document, Excel worksheet, Visio diagram, Project file), having this data in an Excel file will make it easier to import for next week’s assignment. 

Remember, the RBS is intended to represent all the deliverables necessary to meet the business objectives. The WBS represents all the work the team will perform to produce those deliverables, expressed in a hierarchical decomposition of the major phases and / or the deliverables themselves. 

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