Write an argument in which you offer a response to this question:


Begin by deciding on your claim and stating it as part of a concise introduction.  Use credible evidence from the texts you have read and from your own experience to support your assertion.  As you write, think about what someone might say to refute your argument.  Make sure that your argument addresses those contradictory ideas. 

Essay Writing Guidelines: 

●  A Word document,  (7 to 10 sentences per paragraph) Argumentative Essay. 

● Use MLA format– Double Space, 12 font, Times New Roman. 

● Use formal language- 3rd person [Do NOT use personal pronouns–“me, my, you, us, or “I”…] 

● Use your own words, include the MLA heading & an original title, integrate quotes correctly, and include in-text citations (parenthetical citations) at the end of each quote used in the essay. 

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